Posted by: Mare F | May 28, 2018

Towels, so many towels

Life has been hectic, which I should realize by now is the norm, for some reason, and I’ve been steadfastly working to use up my stash. The most recent stock item tackled has been crocheted heavy kitchen towels.


Most of them are made with Sugar ‘n Cream cotton which is one of my favorite cotton yarns. Very rarely do I run into any issues with this yarn and the color selection is good.


These towels are wonderful for drying produce. I use them when I hit the farmer’s market or when harvesting my garden. They are very absorbent and, at approximately 12″ x 19″, they are a nice size. Plus they become softer and more absorbent the more you wash and use them.


My only regret so far is that it took me so long to start making a using them. It’s a soothing project, very simple pattern, and a lovely way to use up a good portion of the cotton that seems to have followed me home. What do you make with cotton yarn?

Posted by: Mare F | January 25, 2018

Discussion Thursday

I recently finished reading Knitting by the Fireside and on the Hillside by Linda G. Fryer.  It is a history of Shetland hand knitting from c1600 to 1950.  There is so much interesting information in this book that I highly recommend it for an entertaining look at an amazing art form.




Posted by: Mare F | January 15, 2018

Recycling for style

A few years ago, during one of my frequent purges which are necessary as I love tag sales and flea markets, I found myself looking at several pickle/relish dishes. At one time I did use them over the holidays for pickles, olives, and the occasion hors d’Ouevre. They were much too pretty to get rid off (a bit of a problem thinking that way during a purge, but….) so I put them off to the side to ponder the situation. IMG_1557

And then it dawned on me. What a perfect way to organize some of my knitting/crocheting accessories. The dishes have small compartments and will sit on the shelf under the coffee table quite nicely.


So, now that I had a plan for the lovely dishes I began viewing my shopping trips a bit differently. Doesn’t everyone need a stitch holder container and how can you just walk away and leave this lovely little creamer all by its lonesome at a sale?


Do you have items that you’ve brought to life with a new purpose?

Posted by: Mare F | January 8, 2018

New year, new storage???

In the never-ending attempt to organize my stock so that I can find it, identify it, and utilize it without having to deconstruct my studio I took the advice of a wise friend (thank you, Lindsey) and combined it with my car packing puzzle. I bought 4 qt clear, clip-top totes two of which will fit nicely into a Michael’s bag.



I also got a roll of dry erase tape so that I can label the totes, but change the contents tag without having to scrap or tear anything off. It works like a white board, I can just erase it and rewrite it. Of course, I still have to put it on the totes.


I have high hopes for this system. It’s manageable for both storage and travel. It’s easy to see the contents if I’m too lazy to read the label (or it takes too long for me to put the label on) and they fit nicely on the shelves in the studio.


So, what I guess I’m hoping for is a bit better handle on what I have for the show/fair season when it arrives and less  last-minute fussing before packing. How do you store your craft supplies and projects?

Posted by: Mare F | October 3, 2017

Autumn again…

Another busy summer has passed me by. My hours at work have been increased and there has been a definite reduction in my crafting and deck time. I certainly need to find some balance soon. I’ve also had a couple of fairly big orders so maybe my crafting time hasn’t been as affected as I think it has. Anyway, to get myself back into the crafting mode I signed up for Spinzilla which started yesterday.


These are the result of Tour de Fleece in July. I didn’t get as much time to spin as I’d hoped, but I did get some done so it’s all good.


This is what I managed to spin yesterday afternoon when I got home from work. Boy, was I rusty to start!


This is waiting for me at home and I might just try to move it out to the deck for a while. It’s a lovely day and it’s been too long. Pretty soon I’ll be spinning and weaving on the deck with a coat on. How was your summer?



Posted by: Mare F | July 10, 2017

Dyeing and carding

A few summers ago I used some “mystery” wool for a solar dyeing experiment and I was quite pleased with the outcome. I had large mason jars, and a few Yankee Candle jars, which I used to dye the wool out on the deck. It did make for a colorful display and I was almost sorry to finish processing it, but it was time.

dye and plants 001

This part is slightly embarrassing. This delightful job has been hanging out in a basket upstairs on the shelf under the carding table for 2 years. I discovered it, and many other things fibery, while going on a purging tear. Downstairs it, and the carding table came, to the studio and this past weekend I decided that it was time.


So, I queued up a string of Charlie Chan movies and settled in to do some serious carding. I have hopes of either wet felting or needle felting this batch up into embellishments for my felted hats and perhaps some felted beads.


There are a few more batts added to this tote now, but I finished the last of this lot yesterday morning, this time to Miss Fisher Mysteries. I have such a lovely feeling of accomplishment that I have to wonder why I wait so long to do these things. Happily, even though I didn’t get to do any plying this weekend, I still participated in the spirit of the Tour de Fleece by doing all of my carding. Perhaps this afternoon will see some plying….I have 4 out of 5 bobbins full, so it will be plying before anything else. Do you find yourself putting off some chores?

Posted by: Mare F | May 4, 2017

Thursday chat

I have long been a fan of Knitpicks and I think I’ve probably mentioned that fact once or twice. Last week I put in an order for yarn to make up an owl afghan and since I was ridiculously close to the $50 free shipping amount I decided to prowl beyond my original items. I added a $10 yarn grab bag. The tracking notification estimated that it would arrive at my home on Friday which was perfect in my mind as we are forecasted for a soaker of a rain day…perfect for starting a new project. Imagine my surprise and delight when it arrived yesterday! This is the yarn grab bag….the $10 yarn grab bag…

new pictures 002

I’m just a little more in love with this company than I was yesterday at this time. I’m thinking about one or two more….

Posted by: Mare F | April 27, 2017

Thursday chat

This book was sent to me by a lovely lady in England and has become my favorite for my personal sock experiments. I’ve been taking bits and pieces from different patterns for some very fun and comfortable results.


It is easy to read, has some lovely photos, and is very user-friendly in my opinion. If you’re looking for some fun sock pattern, I suggest you give this book consideration.

Posted by: Mare F | April 24, 2017

Latest case of startitis…

Over the past weekend I was battling the ick and as a result my projects got less and less complicated. On Wednesday afternoon I started the crocheted shawl Serene Shells from Lion’s Brand in Red Heart Symphony River Blue. It’s a delightful 2 row pattern that didn’t tax my tired mind.

newest shawls 002

By the time Friday rolled around I was home sick napping on the couch with a pot of lemon tea at hand and decided that the dark color was not working well will my itchy, swollen eyes so I started a poncho in a bright variegated cotton.

newest shawls 001

By Saturday afternoon I didn’t want to crochet any more so I started a mariner’s scarf in Red Heart Super Saver Dark Sage thinking that cold weather is coming and it never hurts to have lots of scarves about.

dark sage

I now have only about 3″ left on the scarf, the edging on the poncho, but lots to go on the shawl so guess what I’ll be doing after work between naps. When is the last time you experienced startitis?

Posted by: Mare F | April 20, 2017

Thursday chat

Seeds, glorious seeds. I’m not usually very good at starting seeds in the house and actually having plants to put into the ground weeks later. Well, unless I plant coleus seeds, then they all come up. This year I am going to trying planting them in the ground and see how that goes. A lovely friend let me piggyback on her seed order this year so I’m armed and ready to go…once the last frost is past or I plan really well for place and protection .

seeds 001

I have some vegetables, some flowers, and some natural dye plants. It should be an interesting yest and  I will keep you all in the loop as to how the seed experiment goes….finding room for the pumpkins should be a treat!



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