Posted by: Mare F | March 9, 2020

A symphony of shawls

When you find a pattern that you truly enjoy, both in constructing and end result, stick with it! I found just such a pattern recently at Yarnspirations. It’s the Red Heart Oversized Style Shawl. The first one that I made was with yarn from a “mystery bag” purchase and just made me smile.


It worked up so quickly and easily that I immediately fell in love. The second one was made of yarn from another “mystery bag” purchase (I do love them as well – always a surprise and an inspiration.)


These were made over the course of one long weekend. I decided that perhaps I should work on a solid, neutral color as not everyone is as color obsessed as I, so the next one came was made up from, can you guess where this is going?  Yes, yet another “mystery bag” of yarn. This was in a lovely soft white.


There is one more, in a deep chocolate, not a “mystery bag” purchase, but one made at WEBS a few years ago with a very dear friend, that I meant to keep for myself, but it turns out that I have enough yarn for two, so I think I shall share the wealth. What was the last “perfect” pattern that you found?

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