Posted by: Mare F | March 2, 2020

Hello, again!

It has been almost a year since I last posted and it’s been a bouncy ride for the most part. So many ups and downs, but in the end it’s all good. I’ve changed jobs while managing to stay in the same school, I gave up my online studio because I just couldn’t keep up with it, and I’ve been purging  my house of many things that, while they made me happy, I no longer needed so that they could make someone else’s day brighter. And, of course, I’ve been knitting and crocheting.


This was an experiment for felted flowers that still needs a bit of work. The order for which these were started was cancelled, delightfully early, and opened up some avenues for this year’s craft fairs. It will be a bit before I play with them again, but I do have a basket of left over wool to work so when the spirits move I will be ready.


These small shawlettes were a favorite and the pattern came from Piecework. I made a few from both cotton and wool, but since we are all aware that I am a lazy knitter, I crocheted edgings on to the simple base. Lots of fun and an easy carry along project.


The last batch of felted hats gave me fits, but there is time to refelt…not sure if it was because it was a bitterly cold day and my washer is in the mud room or if it just wasn’t in the stars for that day. I also hope to add some felted flowers, and possibly other felted decorations, to the current stock for this year’s shows. So many ideas and so little time.


So, please join me with a hot beverage and catch me up on what I’ve missed in your life over the past year. I’d love to hear what new projects and techniques have won your hearts!


  1. I have moved to a town about 25 minutes from where I used to live. I am still crafting and in fact at my job someone came in today and I told them about my facebook page.

    So happy for you about the new job. My next challenge may be placemats.

    • Wonderful! Placemats should be fun. Please share.

  2. Moved to a town about 25 minutes away from where I used to live last year. Started a new job last September. Still crocheting. Found out I was doing the knitting backwards and that why having so much trouble with it.

    Good thing today is someone came into work and I told them about my facebook page.

    • It has been a year of change all around. So glad that you sorted out the knitting thing. You should have seen me trying to figure out the looms!

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