Posted by: Mare F | May 20, 2019

CT Draft Horse Rescue Event

I had a very nice time yesterday. Met new people, made a bit of money, donated to a worthy cause, it was a success in my eyes.


The day started out overcast, it was sprinkling when I left home, but those were the only raindrops I spied all day. The sun came out right around noon.


I didn’t get a chance to meet the horses, but they hold visiting hours every Saturday morning from 10am to noon. I see a road trip in my future.

IMG_2685 Do you have a favorite rescue to which you donate time or money?


  1. I was donating to PBS every month until I had some troubles with my bank account. I do donate small amounts to the library when I go in to print something or copy something or pay fines. I really prefer to donate to local places but not too many will do the bank card option so my options are limited. I do need to check into membership in the local historical society though. Would love to be a member of that organization. I just discovered that there is an art center in Bowling Green not far from my house and may go to a free event there on June 1st to check it out.

    A road trip just to see the horses would be fun.

    • Those are all great. I should look into our local historical society. I believe that it’s a fairly active group.

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