Posted by: Mare F | March 16, 2020

Tidying up

Cleaning up on-going projects has been my plan for this year. It’s had mixed results on it’s success. I have finished a few things which I had tucked away, I’ve made the necessary arrangements to finish a couple (rewriting graphs to index cards,) and then I’ve just sallied forth and started new things!


The covered hanger have been a staple in my personal closet for years. They keep blouses from falling off of the hangers or getting those lovely points in the shoulder area. I started making these back when I worked in offices and could run more quickly in 3″ heels than I could do in flats. The hangers remain…the heels did not.


In addition to keeping blouses on the hanger, they hold shawls and scarves very nicely during the shows. Especially the outdoor shows. You know, the breezy days that have awnings flapping and items swinging. I rarely have to pick up any of my hanging items from the ground.


So, of course, making them in assorted¬† colors to accent, or coordinate, with each item is essential for my orderly side. Not to mention, they are a delightfully simple pattern that will easily fall into the “can’t decide what to do” days. I have to thank the lovely people at Workbasket magazine for the pattern. That was such a great magazine, it’s a shame that it’s no longer about. So happy that I have lots of the old ones. They make for very entertaining reading for both patterns and recipes. Do you have a favorite craft magazine?


  1. I just resubscribed to interweave knits and subscribed to simple knits. I miss my crafty mags!

    • I seem to be in good company. I was just on the Interweave website trying to decide which magazines to renew or get.

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