Posted by: Mare F | September 7, 2020

Labor Day

It’s certainly been an interesting year. So many things, good and bad have happened that it’s rather hard to believe that it’s only been a few months since I last posted. I’m not quite sure how we managed to get to Labor Day already, but it appears that the long, hot summer is almost over and that fall is waiting to welcome us in.

It’s been an interesting gardening year. Being at home for Spring and a good portion of the summer I’ve been able to catch my yard up, mostly, and it feels very good. I didn’t get the dye plants into a bed this year because I got distracted by fun plant seeds in interesting colors. Oh, but that the purple pole beans stayed purple for Dilled beans and carrots. Can you imagine the just how intriguing those canning jars would look?

To make a plan of the container bed I set up and the flower beds for winter planning has been on the top of my list for at least a month now, but yet I haven’t managed to draw it up. Staff has been back to school for 2 weeks, the students for a week, and the hybrid plan is exhausting, both mentally and physically. However, listening to the geese as they fly overhead makes me smile so there is that. Perhaps today I’ll get the layouts drawn and put into a notebook. I’m leaving the seed inventory and wish list for a raw, rainy day. Seems a good choice, don’t you think?

A constant project for the past few months has been knitting/crocheting preemie afghans to go with hats for Angel Babies. It’s a lovely stash buster (who doesn’t love a reason to play in their yarn stash), they are easy projects, and if they make someone just a bit happier, how can I not?

So, what yarns, patterns, and/or yarns have gotten you through this very challenging year? Do you have many projects started or are you being wonderfully organized and working on one thing at a time? Just know that I’m thinking of all of you when I’m not having mini meltdowns and sending mental hugs out daily.


  1. I was trying to keep my projects ot a minimum and do have a bag to keep current wips in. I have 2 afghans started now. 1 is a big afghan with red heart super saver mexicana and balck and one is a baby afghan with premier ever soft yarn i had in my stash. I am also trying to do a stash buster process. I still have quite a bit of cotton yarn to do stash busting on but for now am concentrating on acrylic. School starts tomorrow so may be getting things done in the evenings but not sure about the mornings. I also have 2 cross stitch projects I am working on and since I think my 2 little cousins may be coming for a visit at Christmas I will probably be working hard on the birth sampler in the next few months to get it done for them for xmas.

    • You do have it well in hand. Nice job. Do you have special plans for the cotton?

      • No big plans for the cotton except maybe face scribbles or dishcloths/washcloths. Most of the cotton are 1 skein of different colors which I can get 3 washcloths/washcloths out of 1 skein. I also have a bunch of crochet thread I need to make coasters with.

      • Sound very good. I’ll have to dig out some cotton now.

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