Posted by: Mare F | April 8, 2019

Rainy Monday blahs

We are a week out from Spring Break at school and it shows. Nothing I start is amusing me, patterns aren’t catching my fancy, and even my yarn has gone silent. I can tell that warm weather is close, but it’s not close enough to do something outside in the gardens other than clipping bittersweet vines and multiflora rose stalks.


dyeing party weather 002

Not my most recent rainy picture, but you get my drift. However, my seed potatoes arrived on the door step Saturday so I know that planting can’t be too far behind especially as I hope to grow them on the deck in garden bags. New plan this year so that will be interesting.

lack of tea cozy 001


So my plan is to go home, brew a pot of tea, pick up a good book, and knit a simple scarf. I’ll get my fix and add to stock while not having to think to heavily about patterns or colors. This time of year is always a bit dreary for me, but once the cold weather is past everything falls right into place. Do you have a dreary time of year?


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