Posted by: Mare F | April 1, 2019

Love it when it works out….

Sometimes the fiber spirits are with you and it happened to me recently. Having all kinds of yarns, bits and pieces, a few small skeins of one color and on large skein of another, well, when it comes together in an afghan I just really appreciate it. A week ago when I was cleaning my studio (a never-ending task I’ve decided) I put together a couple of bags with yarns for baby afghans in the hopes that they would blend together nicely as there wasn’t enough of either to make an afghan.


These were the two I put such high hopes on. I had 4 of the small skeins and the one large lavender.


I can’t begin to say how pleased I was with the way that the corner to corner was working up with 4 rows of white varigated and 2 rows of the lavender.



A small pointed edging in the lavender finished it off last night and now it just awaits a trim and weave on a few ends. And as a bonus, it kept my lap warm once the temps started to drop yesterday. Quite a happy surprise all around. Do you have much good luck with matching yarns that really aren’t quite close?

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