Posted by: Mare F | May 9, 2019

Springtime chaos

I’ve completely lost track of the past few weeks. In addition to being busy at work and in the yard….kind of, we attended a lovely wedding this past weekend in South Carolina which brought up it’s own set of interesting preparations. It is the first time that our two cats have been left alone in the 6 and 3 years they they have been living with us so that brought a special kind of concern, but luckily we had good friends who came in the morning and evening to feed and entertain them. Doug paid a higher price when we returned, but it was a brief punishment so all is well now.

hobo in sink

Hobo really doesn’t look too concerned now, does he? Miss Kitty was very forgiving also.


And I managed to knit a scarf while I was in the many airports and hotel room. Oddly enough I couldn’t find a local yarn shop anywhere in the area. It was a relaxing weekend for the most part and a very lovely wedding, but I am very glad to be at home and I’m looking forward to sliding back into my routine. How do you feel about traveling?



  1. I’m a homebody. Trips are great….just not all the time

    • I rather thought that we might be kindred souls. The last time I went away was 6 years ago. I think I’m good for another 6. LOL

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