Posted by: Mare F | April 15, 2019

Spring Break

It’s finally here and starting with a bang. Wicked thunderstorm and heavy rains are the backdrop for this morning. I was struck yesterday with the urge to finish up some of the many projects I have going to free up some floor space. I’ve baskets and tote bags everywhere. The two that I started with are a shawl in Lion’s Brand Homespun.


The second, and I’ve been thinking about this one quite a bit, is filet crochet. I don’t know how I get separated from my cotton, but I do and I really need to work on this one. There is just something about doing this kind of handiwork that is even more soothing for me than the yarn work.


Do you have a favorite fiber for your projects?


  1. Yes I really love cotton. The cotton from knitpicks is the best cotton yarn I have ever worked with but my budget is not going to allow for any yarn buying for a while. I need to try to save about 30.00 to get some more yarn for James’ afghan. I ordered the brava sport yarn from knitpicks in purple and black to do his afghan because it is such soft yarn and wanted softer yarn than the Red Heart to do his afghan. I did order a bunch of cotton from Willow Yarns that I have yet to try out but may use some this week while waiting so long at work.

  2. Yes, I have fallen in love with cotton. I love the cotton from knitpicks it is the best cotton I have ever used. I did order some of the brava sport yarn from them to do James’ afghan because it is so soft. Need to try to save up about 30.00 to order more to work on his afghan. I have been crocheting pretty steadily for about a week because that is what I have been doing while waiting at work since I have to go in so early since my car is now in the shop. I hope only 1 more week before I have my car back. Keep your fingers crossed that its something that can be fixed without costing too much.

    • Oh, Crystal. I will certainly keep my fingers crossed for you and your car. They do have some wonderful yarns. I love their Curio, the size 10 doily cotton, feels. I’ve some that I’m saving for a special project. Glad that you’ve been able to get some crocheting time in. It does seem to help.

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