Posted by: Mare F | October 4, 2018

Thursday Chat

Rugs. Have you crocheted rugs? I have some lovely thick wool that I’ve used on a couple of bath mats, doubled with a strand of Sugar n’ Cream cotton for stability, and they are delightfully soft and absorbent. I don’t really need many more bath mats, but I was thinking that they might be nice as a bedside rug. Very thick and warm for your first step out of bed in the morning sounds like a charming start to the day.

crochet rug book

I’ve just started looking at books and this one caught my eye. I haven’t ordered it yet, but if anyone has used it I would love to hear about your experiences. Also, if you do have any ideas or suggestions for rug pattern books I would appreciate hearing about them. I suppose I could wing it, but I think I’d like to get a couple of someone else’s patterns done before I step off of the end of the dock on my own.

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