Posted by: Mare F | October 8, 2018

Planning for cold weather….

When I first began as a vendor at our school craft fair in November, put on by the Parents, Friends, and Alumni group of the FFA Chapter, I would finish up the show by taking tags off of any items which had been traveling to the shows for 3 years and donating them to the coat/hat/glove drive that the students were holding. Happily most of them were hats and scarves, but even the odd shawl will add a layer over or under a coat in the dead of winter.


On year the Middle School Angels at Christmas received many requests for warm clothing items for the students so I, and a wonderful friend in Texas, donated enough hats, scarves, and mittens so that each child got one of them as well as the requested item for the Angel. I know I’ve been in tough times and I have greatly appreciated the assistance I’ve gotten over the years so this is a treat for me to be able to help out.


And after reading of the wonderful group in Canada that tied scarves around trees, railings, and benches for people who needed them to find, I loved the idea so much that I began doing it myself. The weatherman says that a cold front coming in from the west will drop our temps this coming weekend to near freezing temps overnight so I think that this might just be the weekend to start tying out my baggies of warm things….since I don’t trust the weatherman that much I put them in baggies to keep them dry. A wet scarf is still a wet scarf. Do you donate and, if so,  how do you find your charity?


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