Posted by: Mare F | October 1, 2018

Yarn chicken

Every fiber artist, at one time or another, plays yarn chicken. It can be a roller coaster ride of emotion depending on the project and the fiber that you are using. I particularly run into problems because I have a good deal of old yarns and cottons on hand so I have to choose my projects with care, but even with the best planning sometimes thing run a bit tight.


This was the remaining cotton from the latest doily I finished last night. I admit that I didn’t want to look in the basket to see how much was left and I’m also pretty sure that I started crocheting faster as if that would make the cotton go farther. Am I alone on this?

purple cotton chickent

This was the second doily in a row that I was this close to the end when I finished, but to play it safe I started an ecru filet mat and I’m using one of the big balls of cotton. Yes, I’m playing it safe and not playing chicken again on this project. I’ll save that for the next project….mittens, perhaps.


ecru cotton

How do you judge how much you need for a project?

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