Posted by: Mare F | September 27, 2018

Thursday chat

Life has been tough this past week with the unexpected death of a student at school. I find myself looking to my crocheting to calm me and give my hands something to do while my mind works through this sad, sad event. The yellow doily was already begun so I had that to work on and while it may sound odd, cotton crochet has always been soothing for me, even when I make mistakes, it is a craft that has immediate gratification, lovely patterns, and requires just enough focus to keep me occupied.

When I finished the yellow doily last night I immediately began searching for another cotton project. Several magazines and books later I came back to an old standby from White Crochet. The project I chose is the Diagonal Square doily although it has quite a few patterns in which I made up over the years.

white crochet

Do you have a comfort project that you go to when the world becomes a bit overwhelming?


  1. Mare:
    I am so sorry for your loss. My sincere condolences to you, the parents and the rest of the school community. What a heartbreaking thing.


    • Thank you, Crystal. It truly was heartbreaking.

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