Posted by: Mare F | September 18, 2018


Cotton has always been my first love when crocheting. To be honest, doilies are what led me to learn to crochet. I really liked the look of them, but wasn’t crazy about the slim store-bought options for them. They looked too standard and just didn’t seem to have the elegance that hand-made doilies carry.


I don’t often do large projects, although I may try to squeeze a couple more in before my eyesight and old bones give up on me, but this one really appealed to me even though through a single mistake early on I ended up changing the last few rows. It’s now an original. 😉


This one is going to save me on my fair entry this year. I’m not sure what happened to the time (that seems to be common refrain for me,) but I must have my entry form in soon and I don’t have a big selection. Another situation I’m in the process of rectifying. I’ve started another in a lovely multi-yellow/gold color just because I can do!


So, I hope to have a larger stock to offer for sale as well as adding to my donation and gifting stash. We are rapidly approaching the holiday season and perhaps I should look to holiday doilies as well. Do you decorate for the seasons or just the holidays?


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