Posted by: Mare F | October 3, 2017

Autumn again…

Another busy summer has passed me by. My hours at work have been increased and there has been a definite reduction in my crafting and deck time. I certainly need to find some balance soon. I’ve also had a couple of fairly big orders so maybe my crafting time hasn’t been as affected as I think it has. Anyway, to get myself back into the crafting mode I signed up for Spinzilla which started yesterday.


These are the result of Tour de Fleece in July. I didn’t get as much time to spin as I’d hoped, but I did get some done so it’s all good.


This is what I managed to spin yesterday afternoon when I got home from work. Boy, was I rusty to start!


This is waiting for me at home and I might just try to move it out to the deck for a while. It’s a lovely day and it’s been too long. Pretty soon I’ll be spinning and weaving on the deck with a coat on. How was your summer?



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