Posted by: Mare F | July 10, 2017

Dyeing and carding

A few summers ago I used some “mystery” wool for a solar dyeing experiment and I was quite pleased with the outcome. I had large mason jars, and a few Yankee Candle jars, which I used to dye the wool out on the deck. It did make for a colorful display and I was almost sorry to finish processing it, but it was time.

dye and plants 001

This part is slightly embarrassing. This delightful job has been hanging out in a basket upstairs on the shelf under the carding table for 2 years. I discovered it, and many other things fibery, while going on a purging tear. Downstairs it, and the carding table came, to the studio and this past weekend I decided that it was time.


So, I queued up a string of Charlie Chan movies and settled in to do some serious carding. I have hopes of either wet felting or needle felting this batch up into embellishments for my felted hats and perhaps some felted beads.


There are a few more batts added to this tote now, but I finished the last of this lot yesterday morning, this time to Miss Fisher Mysteries. I have such a lovely feeling of accomplishment that I have to wonder why I wait so long to do these things. Happily, even though I didn’t get to do any plying this weekend, I still participated in the spirit of the Tour de Fleece by doing all of my carding. Perhaps this afternoon will see some plying….I have 4 out of 5 bobbins full, so it will be plying before anything else. Do you find yourself putting off some chores?


  1. What is wet felting and needle felting? Sorry just not sure how you do that! Also can you use the carded wool for crocheting or knitting?

    • I could use it for knitting or crocheting if I spun it into yarn, but because I wasn’t quite sure what type of fleece it was and it was full of hay I decided that felting would be a better use of it. Needle felting you make an item by repeatedly poking the wool with a sharp, barbed needle to get it to stay together. I made a sheep in a class a couple of years ago that I had on my FB page. Wet felting is when you work the wet wool into a shape with water and soap. These are very simple explanations and for that I apologize. I will be posting more when I start doing some of it. I want to use the things I make to embellish my felted hats so hopefully I’ll be able to start on them soon. My first show is next month!

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