Posted by: Mare F | May 4, 2017

Thursday chat

I have long been a fan of Knitpicks and I think I’ve probably mentioned that fact once or twice. Last week I put in an order for yarn to make up an owl afghan and since I was ridiculously close to the $50 free shipping amount I decided to prowl beyond my original items. I added a $10 yarn grab bag. The tracking notification estimated that it would arrive at my home on Friday which was perfect in my mind as we are forecasted for a soaker of a rain day…perfect for starting a new project. Imagine my surprise and delight when it arrived yesterday! This is the yarn grab bag….the $10 yarn grab bag…

new pictures 002

I’m just a little more in love with this company than I was yesterday at this time. I’m thinking about one or two more….


  1. Such pretty, pretty yarn. Especially the pink and green. For me, it screams “Florida” without having to be neon.

  2. This was loovely to read

    • Thank you so much.

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