Posted by: Mare F | January 8, 2018

New year, new storage???

In the never-ending attempt to organize my stock so that I can find it, identify it, and utilize it without having to deconstruct my studio I took the advice of a wise friend (thank you, Lindsey) and combined it with my car packing puzzle. I bought 4 qt clear, clip-top totes two of which will fit nicely into a Michael’s bag.



I also got a roll of dry erase tape so that I can label the totes, but change the contents tag without having to scrap or tear anything off. It works like a white board, I can just erase it and rewrite it. Of course, I still have to put it on the totes.


I have high hopes for this system. It’s manageable for both storage and travel. It’s easy to see the contents if I’m too lazy to read the label (or it takes too long for me to put the label on) and they fit nicely on the shelves in the studio.


So, what I guess I’m hoping for is a bit better handle on what I have for the show/fair season when it arrives and less  last-minute fussing before packing. How do you store your craft supplies and projects?

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