Posted by: Mare F | January 26, 2017

Thursday chat

Just a short one today. I also ordered a set of ChiaoGoo straight 7″ size 8 needles for a couple of scarves I’ve planned to make and they are just as lovely as the circular needles. They are made of wood and a dream to use. I love the 7″ length.



And they are very reasonably priced. I can foresee more of these needles joining my crafting tools.


  1. I love wooden needles. Will have to look into these. Some of my needles are getting old and loosing coating (Varnish?) so they need to be replaced. Your recommendation makes me want to check out the ChiaoGoo needles! THANKS!!! You continue to enable LOL

    • LOL. I prefer wooden needles myself so I was really pleased to find them this short! It makes it so much easier on the couch or in a chair….I’m not pulling the needles out of the stitches when I hook the heads on something. ;-)We aim to please.

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