Posted by: Mare F | February 2, 2017

Thursday chat

This is a post of slightly mixed emotions. I recently bought a number of different bulky yarns to make some 2 stranded afghans. These were to be a much less expensive alternative to the big roving afghans so I was trying different brands of yarn to see what worked up well and was affordable. Of the 3 companies I tried the least exciting was Red Heart’s Mixology.


The color was nice, it felt a bit stiff to work, but softened up upon washing and drying. The problem I had was that there seemed to be a surplus of knots in several of the 70 yard balls. I don’t know what the industry deems acceptable, but out of 10 skeins I would say that at least 4 of them had 3 or more knots in them. It’s 70 yards. I haven’t contacted Red Heart about this yet and I don’t know that it will make a difference if I do, but it is a shame as the rest of the product was good. Next week I’ll share the other two yarns. 😉


  1. In my opinion you should contact them and let them know. They may compensate you with a coupon or free products. Even if they do not compensate you it could possibly help someone else. Enough complaints and they could possibly fix the issues.

    • Yes, I agree and I will certainly do that. The company can’t fix a problem if they don’t know that it exists.

  2. Sorry to hear that 😦 I too have been finding more and more knots in skeins of yarn (mostly Red Heart for me too but Lion Brand is another one that I have problems with). It makes me mad as I sometimes don’t find them until I am actually to them and then I end up with either the option to tear out a row or more so that I can cut off and tie a better knot with ends I can then sew in or letting it go and hope the knot both won’t show and won’t give and have the recipient end up with a hole in their blanket!

  3. Let me know if you do contact Red Heart and if you do, what their response, if any, is!

    • I will do that, Wendy. I’ve chirped up about the knots so it’s only fair to let everyone know how the story ends.

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