Posted by: Mare F | January 23, 2017

Socks, socks everywhere…

I’ve been on a sock kick of late. Over the past year I’d been asked about bed socks by several people so I decided to look into a worsted sock pattern because after all they are only meant to keep your feet warm, not fit in your shoes and worsted would work up quickly enough that I could keep my costs low and do some serious stash busting. These are the result of using up some Dazzleaire on size 8 needles.



I had started a pair of plain afterthought heel socks for myself last September, before show season and life got hectic, and I finally managed to bind them off last night. This weekend I’ll tackle the heels. I’ve not done one before so it should be interesting.


Another item I’ve had a couple of requests for are pedicure socks so I utilized a coupon from Michaels last weekend and loaded up on sock yarn. I also would like to make some big, cushy knitted knee socks for lounging, rather like bed socks, but more couch oriented. More to come on those. 😉 What is your favorite method for knitting or crocheting socks?





  1. Lovely socks! I knit mine top down usually with a heel flap:)

    • I think that I may be switching back to that as I haven’t found a toe up heel that I’m doing well with knitting. Thank you! 🙂

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