Posted by: Mare F | January 19, 2017

Thursday chat

I’ve found new sock needles and they are so nice to work with I can’t believe the difference. I’ve been making socks 2-at-a-time because I’m pretty sure that we’ve all suffered “second sockitis” at one time or another and I suffer from it on a regular basis.  So, I’d gotten Addi Sock Rockets in size 1, 40″ a couple of years ago and I like them just fine with the tiniest exception that there is a lot of left over circular part. I just don’t need 40″ to make 2 socks, but they will be lovely for lace, I think. This time, I decided to try 32″ sock needles, but I ordered ChiaoGoo in size 8 (bed socks) and size 2 (regular and pedi socks.)


They arrived a week ago and I can’t get enough of them. I switched from my KA needles which had my bed socks on and the difference was amazing. The pedi socks are zipping right along. It’s a wonderful thing. I will check back in after they have knitted up a few more pair, but I have very high hopes for them. Have you used them?


  1. Have not tried circular needles yet. Just saw a pattern for a ripple like knitted afghan from one of my balls of yarn. If I can get help at library translating pattern may get some and try an afghan.

    • Oh, that sounds nice. I haven’t made a ripple afghan yet, believe it or not. Let me know how it goes. Most of what I knit I do on circular needles because with the longer needles I get them stuck in the couch and my sleeves and tend to pull the stitches off of the needles. Not too graceful am I, but you can use circular needles for straight knitted items so it’s not a specific tool for one item. Does that make sense?

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