Posted by: Mare F | October 17, 2016

Ribbons from the fair

Last weekend was the final fair of the season in Connecticut. Over the years I have entered afghans, doilies, and shawls with satisfactory results. A box in my closet holds my 1st and 2nd place ribbons – some day I might just find a home for them in  my studio. Until this year I had never given thought to the Best in Show ribbon. I’ve never won one, and to be fair, I really haven’t expended the energy to challenge myself to make something extraordinary to enter so it’s not surprising that this ribbon is missing from my collection.


This year I got two 2nd place ribbons and there were only 2 items entered in each category. Yes, I do know what this means. LOL. It did get me to thinking that every year I swear I’m going to see if I can convince more people to enter their needle work into the fairs and yet this good intention falls by the wayside long  before fair season begins. It may well be that it is because it always seems to be this weekend that motivates me.


So, Sunday night, after picking up my shawl, doily, and ribbons from the fair, I settled in on the couch with a magazine rack of my crocheting magazines and a cup of fresh, hot cider. A thoroughly enjoyable 2 hours followed in which I tagged 3 separate patterns to make up for next year. Doug made a run to Michaels for me on Monday to  pick up Aunt Lydia’s Jumbo 2,700 yard ball of natural size 10 cotton so when the filet crochet dessert mat I’m working on now is finished I think that I will jump right into the biggest project of the lot. Not quite sure how confusing this will be for me ultimately…I’m not usually this far ahead of myself, but if nothing else I will be able to enter into a few more fairs next year.



  1. Well done for winning the ribbons you have got, your projects are beautiful! 😊

    • Thank you. I’d forgotten just how much I like making doilies.

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