Posted by: Mare F | October 20, 2016

Thursday Chat

So you have a favorite magazine for patterns? Do you subscribe to it or do you pick it up in a store? I have a collection, rather large I might add, of crocheting magazines that I have had for years. I did subscribe for a few years, but then after a couple of fairly closely spaced  moves I fell out of the habit of having them delivered. I am considering it again, but wondered if it was worth it.

pictures-048After a bit of research it appears that my 2 favorite magazines have gone out of business. Magic Crochet and Decorative Crochet kept me amused for year…and still do, really. These are the magazines I headed to for my fair inspiration.


Part of my problem may well be that I don’t crochet fitted clothing. When I do crochet with yarn I tend to do shawls, ponchettes/ponchos, and hats so the current selection of magazines available really don’t hold an appeal for me. There are some beautiful patterns, but to make these items for the shows would be difficult. I don’t want to go through the “wrong color, wrong size” issues if I don’t have to do. So, do you have a go-to magazine?


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