Posted by: Mare F | October 13, 2016

Thursday Chat

Curved double pointed needles. Has anyone else used them? I ordered mine because I thought it was a brilliant idea and since I make so many hats to felt I ordered a set of size 10.5. They are made by Neko and are constructed of a hard plastic. My first try didn’t go quite as well as I’d hoped it would do. They felt awkward in my hands and I had trouble keeping my stitches on, but in all fairness I think it may just be because I’m not used to them.



It may be that I should have started with a smaller size to get used to them. I’m a bit hesitant to order another set because it was almost $20 between the needles themselves and the shipping. Not a lot of access to them at this point. I will try them again in the near future and report on my progress, but honestly, I will probably just stick to my standard double pointed needles when it come time to decrease my hats.

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