Posted by: Mare F | October 10, 2016

And off to the show we go…

This Saturday will be my 4th show of the season and my last show out-of-doors unless a new show hits my radar. Packing for shows has always been a treat, but since I got a sedan it’s become even more interesting. Yes, the Grand Marquis has a large trunk and back seat, but it’s still a difficult task to get everything into the car gracefully…not hanging out of open windows say.








Last year my huge 10′ x 10′ canopy got broken when the wind flipped it over and bent a leg. That canopy was heavy and longer than the length of my back seat which really chewed up space. The new one, I am very happy to say, fits nicely into the trunk in its case and hasn’t caused me any grief so far. I’m sincerely hoping that it lasts a good long time.


I originally started using wicker and  vintage suitcases as storage and display so that I could stack the empty cases and use them as a table of sorts without creating an eyesore. Totes are just not attractive and I always seem to have more items than tabletop space. They are also delightfully easy to place, puzzle-like, in the back seat allowing for more items to make it to the shows and to also make my co-workers smile when I pull in looking like a vintage traveler. I should probably dress more suitably on those days…perhaps a hat.







  1. I love reading your posts. You have so many topics.

    • Thank you. I very much enjoy your posts as well.

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