Posted by: Mare F | October 6, 2016

Thursday Review

It occurred to me that by limiting myself to a review of books that I was losing the opportunity of discussing tools and yarns with everyone. Silly me, don’t quite know what I was thinking. So, from here on it will be Review Thursday – although that almost sounds homeworkish and a bit daunting so how about Thursday Chat? That sounds a bit friendlier and more like what I hope to accomplish with these posts.


For some reason I have all kinds of book resources and information venues, but when it comes to fibery stuff I’m really rather limited. I like learning about new things and would love to talk about new notions, tool, yarns, and procedures so that we can all get an idea if we would like to try them and if so, how we would go about it. Does this make sense?


So the plan is that starting next Thursday I will talk about my experience with something and hopefully will find out what other people think of it or maybe I will ask about something that looks interesting to me and see what I learn. Thank you in advance for considering this and I hope that you think it’s as good an idea as I do. It’s probably already being done somewhere else and I just haven’t found it yet, but then, that’s why I’m doing this.




  1. Love nds like a et idea.a

    • I think it might be fun.

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