Posted by: Mare F | July 7, 2016

Gardening chores

So far I’ve fallen down on all of the marvelous plans I had for my dyeing gardens. I’ve managed to get a dozen marigold plants –  both lemon yellow and orange – into the vegetable bed. I still have a rose/peony bed full of weeds, a bed with sage and campion pinks amid the weeds, and a front bed with lovely irises and nothing else.

gardens 002


I have had the past 2 weeks off so I’ve managed to get a good deal of the yard work caught up and went on a delightful and unexpected adventure to buy plants. The beds should be much improved by the end of summer and downright amazing next year. I still haven’t managed a dye garden so I will have to be content with my marigolds this year, but there is always the option of black walnuts so all is not lost.

flowers 004

Do you have a favorite natural dye plant?

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