Posted by: Mare F | July 11, 2016

Tour de Fleece – week 2

It’s not gone quite as well as I’d hoped this past week. Between being back to work after 2 1/2 weeks off and the hot, humid weather we experienced, my expectations far exceeded my capabilities. I did, however, manage to finish up spinning the roving that I started around Christmas. How did I get so distracted from spinning that it took me that long???

finished 001

My plan was to try Navajo plying for my first challenge, but after watching a few YouTube videos on the process I decided that I liked the singles that I had spun too much to rough them up through a learning process. Off I went to the stash room for solid colored roving.

roving 001

I can remember looking through the baskets and thinking when I saw this one, “ooohh, I like the colors.” I got it downstairs and unwrapped before it dawned on my that the goal was to get a single color roving. I am soooo predictable at times. Back upstairs I went.

roving 003

This is the roving I finally chose. It’s a lovely natural Blue Face Leicester and deliciously soft. I think it will be the perfect single to start Navajo plying and now I just need to get it spun before my next challenge day….I should probably check up on that one.



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