Posted by: Mare F | July 4, 2016

Tour de Fleece

Tour de Fleece 2016 started on Saturday so I hauled my wheel, spinning chair, and roving to the deck bright and early. We’d had a patch of hot, humid weather, but a cold front moved through Friday evening and not only gave us some much needed rain, but also brought cooler temps and a brisk breeze. Perfect, I thought for spinning on the deck!

deck time 003

Once I settled into my spinning I realized that the breeze was a bit more than brisk, it was downright aggressive. There was a rather soothing hum produced by the wind through the spokes, but it was becoming a bit tiresome watching the spinning with one eye and monitoring the roving in the basket with the other. When the wheel began to spin in the opposite direction I gave it up, but was pleased that with the lulls I had managed to spin for over an hour on the start day.

deck time 005

I managed to add a bit more to the yarn I’d last spun over a month ago and my goal right now is to get this bobbin loaded up so that when the first challenge day comes, I think next Saturday, that I can try my hand at Navajo plying. Are you spinning for this event?


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