Posted by: Mare F | May 26, 2016

Reading Corner Thursday

This week I am happy to share the book Cast On, Bind Off. When I bought this book I was using Teach Yourself Visually Knitting Design and bought it only because I thought that it would complete the first and last step of any item I wanted to create. I had no idea. You can’t see all of the sticky notes in it, but there are several labeled with various patterns I’ve made stuck to the requisite pages. I love this book!

cast on 001

Just before I bought this book I’d finished a pair of socks that were too tight in the cuff. I found these socks in my sock yarn basket on Tuesday and decided to correct the problem. It worked so well that I’m on my second pair of sock corrections, who knew I had 2 pair that I wasn’t wearing but had tucked away to frog out, and I can not believe the difference.

cuff fix 001

This is the last sock I have to adapt and then I’m back to my lovely blue ones. It’s reassuring to know that I won’t have to go through this again and the variations of both casting on and binding off in this book covers all of the situations I’ve encountered so far. The directions are simple and there are pictures of each step. I highly recommend this book for any knitter’s library….it’s lovely to have on hand.



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