Posted by: Mare F | May 31, 2016

Gardening, again

Every year I have marvelous plans for what my gardens will look like and every year the reality is a bit different. I admit that I misjudge my abilities of accomplishment on a regular basis, but it just seems to me that I am in the same place every year…knee deep in a bumper crop of weeds.


gardens 001 This year the veg garden is looking good so far. I planted over the past weekend, pacing myself through wicked heat and humidity. Happily we got some rain and we found the sprinklers so all of the plants are happy as of this moment. I try not to water, but at the very beginning I really want to give them all of the help that I can do.

gardens 002

The flower gardens are a story for another day….when the blossoms are more than just a blob of color in a sea of green. I know that it will be under control someday….won’t it?



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