Posted by: Mare F | May 23, 2016

Treasure troves

I am occasionally the lucky recipient of a box or bag of items that are found in a relative’s attic. For many years I have been giving or selling hand-made items so when a friend or a customer’s relatives pass on they will gift me with these packages of history and love. I wish I could express just how much I appreciate these parcels and convey  to the givers the feeling of Christmas morning that surrounds my enjoyment of the discoveries within.

goodie box 001

This particular batch contained a vast amount of vintage pattern books and loads of needles and hooks. Some of the extra needles and hooks will go into project bags, along with patterns (kindly gifted from Red Heart) and yarns, to be delivered to a local charity.

Some of them have already found their way into my “teaching” case so that new students can experience the different materials and styles before they go out and buy them. I love being able to see that these items continue to make the rounds and bring enjoyment to others. It breaks my heart when I hear that someone threw away their mother’s/grandmother’s/aunt’s/uncle’s stash. In fact, this is how I have been able to make so many things for donation and to set up the project bags to share with others.


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