Posted by: Mare F | May 19, 2016

Reading Corner Thursday…

Update on my happy socks. I admit that through laziness, and the urge for simplicity, I ended up making my happy sock pattern from two different patterns in this book. Once I get my stash of socks to a  comfortable  level, then I plan to revisit this book to not only increase my knowledge of stitches and techniques, but to make some truly lovely socks, by following a couple of patterns in the book faithfully from beginning to end.

) 002

Here is a picture of the finished socks from the combined pattern. socks! 002

Love the cuffs and the colors and can’t wait to move on with the next pair. Wait until you see that color!




  1. For some reasons socks are extremely hard for me to conquer but my aunt has begged me to make her a pair. I keep trying to look for good free patterns online but think I may have to break down and buy a book.

    • They can be a bit of a pain when you start out. Check out a pattern called Slumberjacks. It’s made with worsted weight yarn and it is for bed socks. You can get a feel for the work involved without working on fingering weight yarn and get a nice warm pair of bed socks to boot. Are you looking to go toe-up or cuff down?

      • Which ever is the easiest to start with.

      • Good plan. 🙂 I will prowl around and see what I can find for simple and try to share with you. It may be a couple of day….crazy time of year for me right now, but I’ll keep you in mind.

      • That is really sweet of you, thank you!

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