Posted by: Mare F | May 16, 2016

Carding table

My latest quest for a piece of crafting equipment was my search for a sturdy wooden table as a permanent home for the drum carder. I wasn’t getting as much carding done as I might do because I honestly didn’t want to haul it out of the box to set it up. I was using a board on top of 2 saw horses when I wanted to card outside which seemed a good idea with some of my fleece…some of the vegetable matter wasn’t anything I wanted inside my home on the loose, and that was definitely a lot of work to set up.

yard and carding table 006

Doug, in his travels, found this table and texted me a picture of it. I couldn’t believe that this was almost exactly what I had envisioned and he got it for nothing…it was headed to the dump. I love it when things work out this way. I did manage to get 2 nice mornings, well, breezy and chilly, but clear, on the deck to spend some time with my dyed mystery fleece and the difference that this table makes is amazing.

carding 002

This little wooden table seems to be just the right height for either sitting or standing while carding. I admit that I sit most of the time, but it’s easier to remove the carded fleece and roll it into a batt while standing up.

carding 003

This is some of the mystery fleece that I solar dyed last summer on the deck. I hope to use it for felted beads and perhaps a felted brooch or two if I can sort out the mechanics. I think that they would be very cute on my felted hats. What do you think?


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