Posted by: Mare F | May 12, 2016

Reading Corner Thursday

Since I’ve been touting various pattern books I’ve found, enjoyed, and made items out of in the past, I thought that I would add a bit of a spin to Reading Corner Thursday by actually showing the progress of making an item, at least one, out of each book…well, some of them, anyway. This week’s selection is Quick and Cozy Afghans.

quick and cozy afghans

This book has long been one of my go-to sources for afghans and if you could actually see my physical copy you would be able to tell this easily. It has the appearance of a much-loved and much used book. My most recent trip into this was for a simple pattern to make up a baby afghan. It seems that I tend to make them in spurts, usually prompted by the request for one. Honestly, one day I will be organized enough to have a few on hand, although I promise myself this every year and every year time seems to get away from me.

woobie 2 dones 001

This is such a charming pattern and it is simple enough to do while watching TV, but busy enough to keep one from expiring from boredom. It’s really quite nice. I’ve started another in blue for stock, but we will see how that goes. Do you have a favorite afghan pattern for small children?



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