Posted by: Mare F | January 17, 2013

My shiny, new studio

Well, almost. I’ve spent several hours (more than I would care to admit) since the New Year began upstairs in my home moving my library into the guest room to make way for a working studio in that space. It’s a room on the south-east side of the house so it has wonderful light and I think it would be most helpful to have everything but my rug loom in one room. I am currently scattered throughout 3 rooms and the past year has taught me that this is not the most productive setup to be using. Here are my Rigid Heddle loom and Ashford Traditional in my livingroom. Makes it a bit cozy at times.


I’m very excited about this move and really haven’t complained too much about moving all of my mystery books from room to room. I must admit that overall my fiber obsession is much lighter than my reading obsession, but even though I own a Kindle I still love my print books.


This afternoon I will be moving the last pile of books out of the “library” and cleaning the “studio” for the first time. It’s a tad unusual for me to be excited about cleaning anything other than raw wool, but there you have it…I can’t wait to get the vacuum revved up. Hopefully Sunday’s blog will have pictures of  a working workroom . Where do you do your crafting?



  1. Crafting for me takes place in the living room.I’d love a separate craft room.

    • That’s where I am currently and it does get a bit crazy. I recently hauled baskets of yarn out before a party. It’s crazy. Is there a why that you can get the space?

      • Not really, but we are hoping to reorganise the living room at some point soon. It would be nice to have a craft corner.

  2. Looks good…

    • Thanks, Dru Ann. I can’t wait to finish!

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