Posted by: Mare F | January 27, 2013

Yarn, patterns, dust, and the ick

I got blindsided by some kind of ick that couldn’t quite decide if it wanted to be a head, chest, or stomach ailment so I didn’t get much of anything done this week. On the mend now and raring to go. The studio should have been completely done by now, but it’s so close that I’m just going to count it as I have just a few purchases to put away. I’m quite pleased with my new workspace, even thought I wish it was a bit bigger. I’ll have to store some of my stash in the spare dressers in the spare room or else lose my bench and I’m not willing to give it up. I see rainy afternoons spent here going over patterns and ideas.

HPIM1374These are some mums I crocheted with bits of novelty yarn that I found in a bag. I’m not sure what the original intention was for them, but this worked out just fine and since I’ve sewn them onto pin backs I can use them on hats, scarves, or shawls. They were mindless and fun, well, except for the mohair and the recycled silk. Those two were a bit awkward, but I’m pleased with the finished product so all is good.  This also gave me a great opportunity to fill boxes of stuff for the local thrift shops. Other than my fiber stuff, I decided if I hadn’t used it, or even seen it, in three years that it was quite alright for it to go. My yarn stuff doesn’t last that long as a rule.


And best of all my patterns really are in one place. I may have to work on the filing system, but I know just where they are located and let’s face, spending time sorting through patterns really isn’t a hardship. Just above the books are my beads, pins, and accessory bits – barrette backs, pin backs, and plastic rings. I love being able to see all of those as well. I found so many things that I’d forgotten I purchased that it really is like going on a shopping binge. I’m looking forward to going through  my magazines again, especially the Workbaskets from the 40’s , to see what I can renew and adapt for today. Odd as it sounds, it helps me if the photos of patterns are in black and white because then I can see the colors I want and not have to overlay colors in my head. Hmmm, I might just have to head up to the bench after I’ve finished here. Do you have a favorite place to peruse pattern books?


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