Posted by: Mare F | January 13, 2013

Kitties and knitting

The New Year is here and so are our new feline friends. It’s been an interesting few weeks for all of us adjusting to each other and, while I think it’s going rather well most of the time we still have the occasional dustup. It’s almost as hard for me as it is for them, but each day I discover some new aspect of their personalities that makes me smile. And they both love yarn!  Callie, 8 years old,  made herself right to home on the Saturday before Christmas. I met her at school when she was rescued from the parking lot. Her previous owner, a lovely young lady who also has 2 dogs and works long hours at the other end of the state, adopted her out to me so that Callie would have the companionship that she wants to enjoy.


Miss Kitty, 3 years old,  came to us from my son on Christmas day. He too works long hours and may be moving to a home with 2 cats already in residence. Plus I think he knew just how we missed Weez and Baby. She is a little fireball and while they both talk, Miss Kitty is a squeaker as well. Her conversations have me smiling no matter what the day has been.  Her energy is only to be beaten by her vocabulary.

HPIM1364Now on to the completion of my studio. At some point over Winter break I realised that I’m still too scattered with my equipment and my books so I’ve decided to combine the library upstairs with the guest room and turn the library into my studio. It is on the southeast corner of the house so the light is good throughout most of the for photography – and won’t it be wonderful not to have to try to get to the deck in the morning hours during the winter to show off colors? – there is plenty of room for my spinning wheel, squirrel cage and clock reel swifts, and my Rigid Heddle loom, plus I can put all of my patterns in one easily accessible place. The only hitch in this plan has to do with the approximately 2,000 books that I own which have to be moved. Such a heavy hobby is reading! Here is a before shot of one side of the room. Wish me luck. Oh, and Miss Kitty feels compelled to help so any good thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 😉


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