Posted by: Mare F | February 28, 2019

Thursday chat

Do you have a favorite animal or toy to knit/crochet? I’ve been playing with the idea of adding them to my stock, and sometimes, just to make because they are fun, but I’m not sure what to make. This past Sunday it was rainy, 33F, and just ugly outside so rather than do any of the chores I should have done I opted to make a cup of tea and crochet octopuses.


I had to ask Doug to put the safety eyes in for me. I’m not strong enough to get the backings on so I’m fairly confident that they won’t come out easily. There are eight octopuses in all because that is the amount of 15mm eyes that were on hand. I’ve since ordered more eyes and a package of noses. Now to decide what to tackle next…..


  1. So cute and colorful!

    • Thank you! They were the perfect foil to a raw, dreary Sunday.

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