Posted by: Mare F | February 25, 2019

The treasure trove

On a rainy, icy Sunday morning I decided that I really needed to get a system set up for writing my blog and updating my studio account. Perhaps because it was rainy and icy, this particular Sunday morning made me think that this would be a great time to do these tasks. I’m usually well rested and fairly relaxed plus I’m up early enough that even during the summer only the quietest outdoor chores should be accomplished at that hour so really, it seems ideal. Now to work it into the routine because, really, I am a creature of habit.

to do list

I also need to finish setting up my “photo booth” in my studio. This is another reason that my studio is not as up to date as it might be. My studio has southern light and on sunny afternoons the natural light is amazing, but I don’t often think of taking picture then. Perhaps giant sticky notes spread through the house would help….until, of course, I view them as part of the decor. This can happen. I just took my Christmas cards down from the beam in the living room and it’s February!

Do you have a system for getting certain chores done which can slip past quietly if you don’t pay close attention?

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