Posted by: Mare F | January 24, 2019

Thursday chat

On Monday I believe that I signed up on the Ravelry group for Spinoff’s Hapalong. It’s a spin and knit your own Shetland Hap. It seems like just the thing to get me spinning again, a use for a lovely bag of lavender roving I have on hand, and the kick in the pants I need to try my hand at Shetland knitting.

hyacinth roving

It runs from January 14th to April 15th. Now, my next big decision is do I use my drop spindle which is much finer spun singles…..


Or do I use my wheel which is faster?


I should probably make this decision soon. Then I’ll have to find the pattern to make. Perhaps I should have brewed a cup of tea before making this decision.



  1. I wish I felt I could spin and knit a hap in that time! I can’t wait to see your progress!

    • That’s my wish too! LOL. We’ll see how it goes. It’s more to get me off my duff to spin more and make the Shetland shawl that I’ve always wanted. Not sure how it will all work out. Thanks for your encouragement.

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