Posted by: Mare F | January 21, 2019

A dearth of baby woobies….

Where have they all gone and how did I miss their going? I received an order for 3 baby afghans – two for girls and one for a boy – so I merrily went into my studio to take them out of the baby afghan tote and discovered that there were 2 lap robes in adult colors (just not the colors I would sent for a baby) and little else. A while later, in a different tote holding other items, I found a blue and white baby woobie which made me very happy. img_2405

I’ve spent the past week alternating between a modified Entwined shawl and the first girl’s afghan. I finished it this morning while monitoring the condition of the house (it’s -3F at noon with wind chills around -25F) and watching Miss Marple. A bit of tea made it a rather peaceful morning.


So now I’m off to find a different pattern for the last. Oh, and I’ll be making a trip to the store this week….I’m out of pink yarn! A room full of fiber and only about 18 yards of pink. Who would have guessed.

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