Posted by: Mare F | December 13, 2018

Thursday chat

Last week I ordered a black ornate hat rack advertised to hold 15 hats. One of the reasons I ordered it is because it breaks down so that I can fit it into my car easily – having a sedan and doing craft shows can be a bit tricky – and because of the number of hats it would display. The hat rack I received on Saturday had a broken arm on it so I sent an email and picture to the company,, and yesterday I received a second full hat rack!


They don’t want the other one back so I need not worry about bundling it back up to ship out. I can’t believe how quickly they responded. I’m very excited because now I can set up a hat rack of wool felted hats and a rack of acrylic hats for people who can wear wool AND tag them accordingly.  Also this rack comes with a set of hooks that will hold scarves or hat bands. Lovely, useful piece in all.


There are a couple of other display items that I have on my wish list from them so I will be picking them up in the new year. It’s always a treat when you find a way to take some of the weight and worry out of your craft show tasks and this has definitely made my planning a bit easier.

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