Posted by: Mare F | December 10, 2018

Holiday season = head cold

It seems to me that the one thing I can count on at this time of year, every year, is a head cold. Granted I do work in a middle/high school library with over 1,100 students so you would think that I would be used to this….the constant influx of new germs, yet every year I am once again surprised that I have a head cold in the beginning of December. So this brings me to my question for today. Do you still craft when you are sick?


I admit that this doesn’t stop me, but it does slow me down. This is when I tend to work on hats – plain old knitting in the round – or scarves – plain old knitting back and forth – as it’s simplicity is soothing and I still feel as though I’m accomplishing something…even when I find myself nodding off while sitting upright in the wingback chair.


I can usually tell when I’m on the mend because not only do I not nod off as often, but I find myself yearning for slightly more complex patterns. So, do you have a favorite head cold pattern?

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