Posted by: Mare F | May 5, 2016

Reading Corner Thursday…

Today I’m going to chirp up about finding my “happy” pattern for socks after bemoaning the loss of it last week. I’m on my third shot with these socks and I’ve been marking the book, the page for basic socks, and I’ve made a notation in my pattern book. Next up will to recreate the pattern, with my minor alterations, in my notebook so that I don’t have to go through this again. This book also has some lovely patterns that I will try once I’ve sorted out  my go-to socks.

) 002

My sock yarn is holding up well as I’ve knitted up at least 3″ each time I’ve tried a pattern and then I’ve unraveled them when they turned out to be duck socks. I’ll have to check on the yarn itself, all I can remember is that I got it on eBay.

) 001

While they still vaguely resemble a bikini top, they really are socks and I hope to be wearing them soon. Perhaps in the future I will just keep a pair of socks on my needles at all times so that I don’t get quite so lost again. Do you have a particular item that you seem to make often?

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