Posted by: Mare F | May 2, 2016

Crocheted baskets

One of the projects I have wanted to make for a while is a crocheted basket. Rug yarn, mostly Aunt Lydia’s, has been finding its way into my house for a few years now and on Saturday I had the brilliant idea of making up a couple of May Day  baskets to share with friends. I went through my stash and found a bag of rug yarn so off I merrily went to wind it into cakes. Part way through winding the hanks from the bag I remembered that I had some in a drawer upstairs and thought that I ought to see all of the colors I had before I started planning my spring time baskets.

afghan rug yarn blue batts 002

48 hanks of yarn, and I’ve no idea of the amount of time, later I had run out of crocheting time before May Day would be here so I backed up to the original plan of making large storage baskets. Now I just had to determine if I was going to get fancy with my stitches or stick with a utilitarian look.

afghan rug yarn blue batts 003

Using a “K” hook I started my base and crocheted the standard circle increase up to 12 sc between each increase. This I did a dark brown. That was sufficient progress after a day of winding so I put it aside until Sunday morning.

crocheted basket 002

I alternated the red and dark brown while I felt my way through the sizing and stiffness. I’m rather pleased that it will stay upright on its own and I also had a good time planning out the color sequence for the next 5 or 6.



  1. Love this!

    • Thanks. And it’s quite happy standing on it’s own! Gotta love Aunt Lydia’s rug yarns.

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