Posted by: Mare F | March 21, 2016

Comfort stitching

Do you have a stitch or a pattern that you turn to when you just want to relax? This occurred to me a couple days ago when I couldn’t wait to get back to a mariner’s scarf I was knitting in a plain garter stitch. I’d been working on a couple of new adaptations of patterns and after spending a week reading, estimating, frogging, knitting, and crocheting I couldn’t wait to move away from the scratch pad, pen, and get back to something simple and relaxing.

hat to felt 001


This past winter I sold tickets for the girls’ basketball games at school. Since I can’t sit and not knit or crochet I had to come up with something fairly simple and portable to take with me. The first game I made the novice’s mistake of bringing a crocheted afghan strip to work on. I should have known that I would get so caught up in the game that I would seriously lose count of my stitches without realizing it. When I went to assemble this afghan it was quite the unique little item.

towels, books, and hats 007


Next up, and the perfect project for the approximate 3 1/2 hours that I’m in the gym, is the wool hat to be felted. As long as I do the brim, decrease, and increase sections it is just right for both game watching and length of time. I’ve managed to get 8 of them done while at the games and have a lovely assortment in waiting for craft show season. Should I be lucky enough to sell tickets again next year I will be well prepared for an very enjoyable season of both knitting and girls’ basketball viewing.

hats 002


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