Posted by: Mare F | March 17, 2016

Reading Corner Thursday

Looking at my cross stitch stash, yes, I also cross stitch, but not as often as I’d like partly due to my eyesight and dexterity, I wandered into Piecework Magazine’s Facsimile Edition of Weldon’s Practical Needlework, volume 2, edited by Jeanne Hutchins. This volume has the First Series of cross stitch designs and graphs so it was was a treat of the first order. A cup of tea and I settled right in to look at the old charts and read the directions from the late 1800’s.

towels, books, and hats 003

I haven’t yet tried to use one of the charts, but I suspect that it being a British publication won’t affect the pattern as it will in the knit and crochet patterns. The Border worked with Peacocks on page 5 of that section inspired me to pull my stash out and set this up for a tea table.

If you would like a delightful and informative afternoon’s reading I highly recommend that you check this series, and this volume out. It’s full of fascinating things.

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